Commercial Cleaning Services in Asheville, NC

Cleaning a Retail Store

If you own, manage, or rent a commercial property, it’s critical to maintain a clean and sanitized environment for your staff, customers, or tenants. At SaniSafe Pro, we offer world-class commercial cleaning services to clients in Henderson County, Buncombe County, Hendersonville, and Asheville. Not only are we the industry’s most reliable cleaning service, but we also use a patented Durisan® fogging solution to sterilize your commercial property without harsh chemicals.

Whether it’s an office, warehouse, storefront, or any other commercial property, our team at SaniSafe Pro is the perfect choice for the job. We offer affordable and reliable commercial cleaning services.  The average cost to clean a commercial property is $200.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services by SaniSafe Pro

Standard cleaning surfaces often offer a superficial cleaning that cannot ensure a safe and sanitized environment for your customers or employees. At SaniSafe Pro, we understand that deep cleaning requires lots of experience, a commitment to quality, and advanced cleaning formulations that utilize the latest research on bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. We rigorously train our specialists to ensure that your commercial property is well sanitized.

We specialize in the following:

  • Disinfecting of restrooms
  • Disinfecting of office desks and other furniture
  • Sanitizing of common areas, break rooms, and other communal spaces
  • Sanitizing of foyers and hallways
Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Patented Durisan® Solution

While our cleaning services tackle all components of your commercial property, our patented Durisan® fogging solution takes our services to the next level. As the industry’s first water-based broad-spectrum antimicrobial germicidal solution, Durisan® can eliminate harmful growths in your office or storefront. Bacteria, microbes, viruses, and other harmful substances are eliminated upon contact. Durisan® is organically water-based, which means that it doesn’t have the same harmful side-effects as traditional cleaning chemicals. If you’re searching for a powerful cleaning agent that doesn’t harm the environment or your property’s occupants, this is the perfect solution. Unlike other cleaning products, Durisan® is a fogging solution. It only takes 30 minutes to clean your property. Once it’s administered, it will continue to kill bacteria, microbes, and other growths for up to 3-4 weeks. This is an excellent way to provide an extra layer of sterilization if you ever choose to rent out your commercial property on Airbnb or other rental platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our customers are shocked at how affordable our professional sanitizing service is.  The average cost to clean a commercial property is $200.  As every facility and residence is unique, we encourage you to contact us for a No Cost, No Obligation quote for service.  Our costs are typically less expensive than having one of your own employees attempt to sterilize your facility using harmful, chemical based products, that will NEVER offer the same level as fogging will do.

We use electrostatic sprayers to disperse the patented Durisan® formula. The positively charged solution seeks and destroys bacteria, viruses, and germs upon contact.  This is the only Non-Chemical product on the market today.  The protected area continues to mechanically kill for up to 30 days. Please visit our "Why Durisan" page for more info.

While preventative service is the best option (before there is an outbreak), we do offer emergency, on demand service.  Once we fog your facility, it is considered safe and sterilized once again.  

No it will not!  Chemical based products will over time damage surfaces and finishes, but since Durisan® is not chemical based, there are no issues.

Reopening Your Commercial Property

Recent health developments mean that it’s more important than ever to maintain a clean and sterilized working environment in your commercial property. Airborne pathogens can transmit between individuals via surfaces in your office or storefront. If you’re reopening your commercial property soon, it’s critical to have a professional cleaning partner that can thoroughly disinfect your space. Our advanced cleaning routines and Durisan® solution can ensure your office is ready for reopening. We focus on providing a clean, sterile environment for our commercial partners.

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Commercial Cleaning Services That Fit Your Needs

As an experienced commercial cleaning service, we’re aware that our clients have varying requirements. We can build bespoke commercial cleaning solutions that are catered to your specific needs. If you want a versatile cleaning partner that’s happy to add custom services to their routine, our team at SaniSafe Pro is a perfect choice.

If you have custom requirements that you’d like to discuss with one of our commercial cleaning specialists, we’re only a phone call away.

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Whether you’re reopening your commercial property or you’re looking for a new long-term cleaning partner, we’re here to help. At SaniSafe Pro, our industry-leading cleaning techniques and patented Durisan® solution allow us to offer the region’s most advanced cleaning services. We’ve helped countless commercial clients improve the cleanliness and safety of their properties.

If you’d like to discuss our commercial cleaning solutions in more detail, feel free to contact our office. We offer free quotes to all commercial clients.

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