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Asheville Gyms Cleaning, Disinfecting, and SanitizingEvery industry in the country was impacted by the effects of the global pandemic. Every company had to find new and innovative solutions to service as governments and municipalities put requirements in place to facilitate social distancing and mitigate the spread of the virus. Gyms were often the odd one out, even as economies began to reopen at limited capacity. There are no indoor spaces as prone to aspiration, heavy breathing, and sweating as fitness centers. Finally, slowly gyms have been allowed to reopen at limited capacities. 

If you are a gym manager or owner, you know quickly things could change, and your doors could be closed once again. An outbreak of a virus or disease that could be traced back to your location would be devastating. You need all the help you can get to maintain a safe and sanitary environment. Here is how gyms can enlist members and experts to make their spaces as clean as possible. 

How To Keep Your Asheville Gym Clean

Some key tips to keeping your gym clean include:

  • Make sure all gym equipment is wiped down with a cleaning and disinfecting solution after each use. 
  • Install numerous stations with sanitation tools and products throughout the gym. 
  • Have employees and management lead by example by frequently cleaning each surface often. 
  • Make sure your offices and lobbies are organized and sanitized as often as people are in them. 
  • Clean door handles and other commonly touched surfaces. 
  • Make sure cubby areas, locker rooms, and showers receive plenty of cleaning attention.
  • Stock up on all cleaning supplies to make it as easy as possible for members to participate. 
  • Install signage to remind members and guests of the importance of cleaning equipment after it is used. 

Professional Gym Disinfecting and Sanitation Services in Asheville NC

Our company is the only local company that uses Durisan®. This product is organically based, environmentally-friendly, and delivers the industry’s first water-based, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial, germicidal solution. In plainer English, Durisan® can be administered throughout a room in about sixty seconds to kill 99.9% of all harmful bacteria. Virus and disease-spreading germs are destroyed quickly, which the solution forms an invisible protective barrier against them for the next 20-30 days. 

Gyms and fitness centers play a pivotal role in our society. They promote health and wellness, providing the space and resources people need to take control of their nutritious and physical fitness. SaniSafe Pro will help you do everything you can to avoid closures due to outbreaks while protecting your members and guests from potential sickness. Contact the team at SaniSafe Pro for more information