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Asheville Professional Commercial Cleaning, Disinfecting, and SanitizingMany companies suffer as the coronavirus continues into 2021. However, the majority of businesses are seeing new and returning customers after reopening with implementing the best cleaning practices to help slow down the spread of COVID-19 and create a safe and sanitary space. As these businesses radically change in the past several months, it’s no surprise that professional cleaning services that offer sanitization for offices, restaurants, and homes are in high demand. 

Professional Commercial Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing in Asheville, NC

As we enter Phase 3, many people begin to make plans to visit the mountains of Asheville, NC. Shops, restaurants, breweries, lodging, and attractions reopen with new cleaning regulations to keep their employees and customers safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. North Carolina has issued an order requiring masks to be worn inside in all public places and outdoors in high-volume areas. Restaurants can operate at 50% capacity and manage takeout or delivery services. It’s completely your and your family’s decision to determine whether it is safe to travel to Asheville. If you decide to travel or own a local business, SaniSafePro deliveries the best cleaning service to help fight against COVID-19. 

Our Sanitizing Solution

We use electrostatic sprayers to disperse the patented Durisan® formula, the industry’s first water-based antimicrobial germicidal solution. The benefit to using Durisan® is that it’s organic and a non-chemical process that is both human-friendly and eco-friendly. Chemical-based products like Lysol will cause damage on surfaces and finishes but need to be sprayed every few minutes to provide ongoing protection. The Durisan® fogging machine provides a level of protection that takes one minute to completely sanitize an average room and keeps sanitizing for up to 30 days. We choose to use Durisan® because it’s non-toxic, eliminates irritation and health risks to keep Asheville businesses open. 

Our Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning

Own, manage, or rent a commercial property? SaniSafePro can help you maintain a clean and sanitized environment for your employees, customers, or tenants. We offer the highest quality of commercial cleaning service to clients in the Asheville area. What makes us unique is not only are we the industry’s most reliable cleaning service, but we use a patented Durisan® fogging solution to sterilize your commercial property. The average cost to clean commercial property is $200, for an experienced, deep clean, with advanced cleaning formulations to fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. 

Residential Cleaning

Spring is around the corner, and with the coronavirus still in the headlines, it’s important to deep clean your home. Our cleaning experts, combined with a thorough cleaning with Durisan® fogging solution, can clean your residential property until it is completely germ-free. We specialize in cleaning houses, apartments, AirBNBs, and other types of residential properties. If you require a professional and cost-effective cleaning service, contact us today to schedule an appointment.