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Asheville Tanning Salons Cleaning, Disinfecting, and SanitizingAsheville has changed a lot in the last several decades. It was not that long ago that the city was struggling financially and not on any must-visit lists. With a conscious effort to change its reputation, the city became among the friendliest for artists in the South. From there, our area began to be discovered by tourists. Tens of millions of people visit western North Carolina for the beauty of the mountains, thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, and access to countless outdoor activities. With an influx of tourists came new craft businesses and revitalizations of downtown, other neighborhoods, and surrounding towns. The population then grew to support as people realized they did not really want to leave. Then the region’s economy shifted from being primarily centered on tourism to standing on its own with innovation, international companies, and more. 

Now, you can find everything you would expect in a much larger urban area right here in western North Carolina. Add in the bonus of being surrounded by the beauty that made the region grow in the first place, and now our population is increasing as quickly as almost anywhere in the state. Although people continue to relocate to our Buncombe and Henderson Counties, the past year has brought a bit of a blip in the expansive business growth. It was a trying time, especially for small companies, but many found creative, innovative ways to serve their customers. As we near spring and summer, tanning salons are preparing for something of a new normal. It is vital to make sure you are able to help customers get ready for salt, sun, and beach weather while protecting their health and well-being. Here is how SaniSafe Pro can help. 

SaniSafe Pro Sanitation and Disinfecting Services for Asheville Tanning Salons

As we finally begin to return to normalcy in western North Carolina, your loyal customers will be ready to visit their favorite tanning salon. However, you need to make sure you can protect them from viruses and diseases. SaniSafe Pro’s patented Durisan® fogging solution is perfect for sterilizing your tanning beds, lobby, and restrooms. Our system is unlike any other. Utilizing a water-based solution, we avoid all the harmful chemicals often found in traditional cleaning materials. A room can be fogged entirely in about a minute; yet, It is effective in eliminating 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Better still, it is environmentally friendly and creates a protective barrier for up to thirty days. It is perfect for tanning salons throughout the Asheville area. 

SaniSafe Pro is an Asheville-based company committed to serving our community and helping businesses protect their customers. If you would like to know more about how we can make your tanning salon the safest and most sanitary space it can be, contact the specialists here at SaniSafe Pro today