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Meet SaniSafe Pro With 105.9 The Mountain

Meet SaniSafe Pro With 105.9 The Mountain

Monday, 22 June 2020 13:30

SaniSafe Pro's Founder and CEO Jeff Tacy interviews on 105.9 The Mountain

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Blades: One of our good buddies is in the studio with us today. Jeff Tacy is with us, Jeff, how are you, buddy?

Jeff: I am doing wonderful guys. Thanks for having me. 

Blades: Hey, we are almost as excited as you are about this new venture you got. Tell us a little bit about what you got going, man.

Jeff: Well, you know, it’s an interesting story because you guys know that I own Franny’s Farm and Franny’s Farmacy. And you know, we have Franny’s Distribution and Franny’s Manufacturing, and all those companies have employees and customers. Yeah, and with the pandemic, hitting, you know, obviously, we were not deemed an essential business so we had to close up for a little while. I saw that as an opportunity to figure out some different methods to protect my employees and my customers for when we did reopen. I started doing some research and figured out that there’s some technology out there that’s pretty cutting edge, and it’s using a fogging system to sanitize. And it’s great because you know, it’s a non-toxic, non-chemical, odorless solution that will kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Crystal: So just like how you would fog your house for fleas, per se, you can fog for viruses.

Jeff: That’s exactly right. And we’re just not seeing it. Originally, I wanted to hire a service. But guess what? The service doesn’t exist. Yeah. So I figured why not just create the service myself. And that was where SaniSafe Pro was founded and born from.

Blades: Now tell me a little bit about the differences in your process then, like when we see some sanitizing going on here at the studio, you know, I kind of admit some of it ends up kind of being sticky and kind of all over the place. But this is different. Your program is different, right?

Jeff: It is, you know, with a more of your traditional type sanitizing chemicals and products that you see out there, you’re constantly reapplying them. And you’re right, you know, it gets a little bit abrasive on the skin and rough on the lung, because it’s pretty strong chemicals. With the fogging system, it’s very unique because when it hits a surface, it will stay there and be effective for anywhere from three to four weeks.

Crystal: We’re always spraying the Lysol and having to do that multiple times a day with yours, it just keeps working.

Jeff: That’s correct. And even after multiple points of contact, if you were to touch it with your hands or anybody else, you know it just has a protective layer that will continue to kill all the germs and bacteria viruses.

Crystal: Incredible.

Blades: Yeah, it is. Now we’re talking to Jeff Tacy. His new venture is happening right now. And we are really happy that you’re a part of the family here at Asheville Radio Group and getting the word out about this. tell everybody about the businesses that you can work with. You can work with just about any kind of business with this program, right?

Jeff: We can.  We can work with businesses and residences. You know, a lot of people are pretty scared to come out of their homes, because they know that they’re going to bring germs and bacteria back into their house. So before we went live on air, we were having a conversation about a mold treatment that we’re doing today in 100 year old historic house. The poor homeowner there is having respiratory problems and even her dog is having skin conditions, because of the mold. But besides that, you know, we can go into pretty much any type of business. It could be retail, it could be any office type setting. I even use it in my distribution center and my manufacturing facilities, because I have employees in there.

Crystal: 105.9 The Mountain? It’s Blades and Crystal, we’re talking to Jeff Tacy from SaniSafe Pro. Tell everybody how they can get ahold of you, man.

Jeff: Yeah, well, our website is You can go in there. We have lots of good information. All of our EPA data can be found on our website. Obviously, we’ve got an information box you can fill out. We’re happy to come out and give you a little demo and show you what it would cost. And the interesting thing is, is that I think there’s this perception that the service is expensive and I just want to dispel that myth because we can come in and sanitize an average size space and about 15 to 20 minutes.  And there is about a 30 to 40 minute dry time so we would do it before your employees showed up for work or after hours. And you know, average home is around 100 bucks. That’s $100 a month. Wow, average business is anywhere from $150 to $200.

Blades: Um, you just said that it lasts for more than just one time, like it lasts for 30 days.

Jeff: Yes, we’re scheduling appointments to come back between three and four weeks. You’re saving all that time and money of having your employees and buying products sanitizing that’s not as effective.

Blades: So it will be no different than paying for pest control. Yeah, you’re killing a different kind of pest here.

Jeff: A great analogy. It’s just a pest that you can’t see. Right?

Blades: Well, you know, Crystal and I were looking at the list of things that that your program will take care of, and it’s unbelievable. There’s always been such gaps in Oh, it’ll take care of this, but not this not that. The list is unbelievable of what you can take care of and sanitize and make sure that’s not going to be around in these buildings, right?

Jeff: That’s correct. And right now, we’re dealing with COVID-19.  Before that it was SARS. Before that it was bird flu. Then the most common one is just your common influenza.  You know, this is an annually re-occurring virus that we see every year, it kills 10s of thousands of people every year. And you know, if people start to pick up on the fact that there’s better ways to keep it at bay and keep it under control, I think we can actually have an impact on the infection rate, you know.

Crystal: Don’t forget to check out the website at

Blades: It’s a new age, new protocols, new time in business. If you want to get out there on the cutting edge, Jeff’s the guy to talk to. Jeff, thanks so much for being with us, man.

Jeff: It’s always fun to come to the studio and see you.