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Your Complete Guide for Cleaning Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals during COVID-19

Your Complete Guide for Cleaning Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals during COVID-19

Monday, 10 August 2020 15:16

Airbnb Cleaning is Imperative for New Hosts

While guests have always expected Airbnb cleaning to be impeccable, vacation rental cleaning has taken on a new dimension amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the Asheville area and beyond. Understandably, concerns about cleanliness have been elevated from the desire for a sanitary environment to the fear of contracting the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes the COVID-19 disease.

Governmental agencies have this in their line of sight, also as they establish and continuously update guidelines to maintain a hygienic environment and avert the contagion. This in turn has prompted Airbnb protocol to inform property owners how to conduct Airbnb cleaning based on what we know about how the virus spreads. All this direction can become overwhelming for new property owners and hosts, but we are here to help. Modeling the, we have streamlined the most essential information you need for the self-cleaning process.

SaniSafe Pro is here to help with your sanitizing needs.


Select the most effective antibacterial products with the capacity to mitigate or annihilate viruses. These agents should be applied to all spaces and surfaces. Learn the products approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used to combat the virus that causes COVID-19. Read product labels, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Reference Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to learn how to protect yourself from toxic chemicals.

Air out the residence between guests. Ventilate by opening all doors and windows. To further increase the circulation of air, set up ventilating fans. Then, wait at least 24 hours before cleaning and disinfection. Prepare for self-cleaning by suiting up with gloves, an appropriate face mask, and protective clothing. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or apply a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Be careful not to touch your face while cleaning.


Reference the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for recommendations on how to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Unplug appliances. Dust from the top down. Sweep and vacuum. Mop from the back corner of each room to the front. Clean the counter tops, tables, cabinets and floors with soap and water. Then dispose of the dirty water in the sink, and clean the sink. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the carpet, bedding, upholstery and curtains.

Remove any debris. Avoid shaking soiled linens, and wash them at the highest heat. Wash all dishes inclusive of the dishes that have been placed in the kitchen cabinets. Empty the dishwasher. Launder towels and sheets in hot water to destroy pathogens. Lower temperatures may serve the purpose of basic cleaning, but bacteria can still survive. Wear a fresh pair of gloves in between cleaning rooms.


Sanitizing involves using chemicals to free the area from bacteria and germs to stave off the spread of infection from one occupant to another. Be sure to read product labels, which should include instructions on the timing of the chemicals to remain wet on the surface area. If possible, let the area air-dry. Exercise diligence about avoiding cross-contamination. Sanitize high-touch areas, such as doorknobs, remote control devices, light switches and temperature controls. Sanitize floors that have likely had contact with dirty linens.

Upon completion, discard anything disposable that you have worn. Again, wash your hands thoroughly and deliberately for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or apply a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Discard vacuum cleaner bags after each use as a precaution.

Along with sanitizing after guests, you can get more peace of mind by using SaniSafe Pro’s proprietary fogging technology to know that you are protected.  Our Durisan® fogging solution kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses, and will leave a layer of protection for up to 3-4 weeks.


Maintain a cleaning checklist, and mark off items as you walk through each room. Verify and document that each surface, area and device has been cleaned and sanitized as recommended. This is also a good time to check if any amenities need to be replenished.


To get the room ready for the next guest, again be mindful of cross-contamination. Discard disposable items, such as rags and wipes. If cleaning cloths can be reused, wash them at the highest possible heat setting. Sanitize all cleaning apparatus, including the vacuum cleaner after the detritus has been emptied. Insert fresh vacuum bags. Dispose of personal protection as appropriate.

Conduct an objective assessment, envisioning yourself as the guest. As some people are more comfortable doing their own vacation rental cleaning, respect their personal preferences, and lay out cleaning materials for their use. Check expiration dates of cleaning supplies, and replace if necessary.

Influence Proper Guest Behavior

Provide direction and guidance to guests to raise awareness, gain their buy-in and promote compliance with cleaning procedures. Affix a sticker to the entrance door or a window that clearly states you adhere strictly to the guidelines of vacation rental cleaning set forth by the CDC to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Be sure to deposit a bounty of personal hygiene products throughout the property. This includes hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, tissues, paper towels and disinfectant. Provide waste receptacles for used materials and supplies.


According to the EPA, there is “growing evidence that this virus can remain airborne for longer times and further distances than originally thought. In addition to close contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces, there is a possibility that the spread of COVID-19 may also occur via airborne particles.”

With this in mind, it may reduce your risk, alleviate burdensome labor and prove to be more cost effective to outsource professional cleaning services. Reassurance to guests that you use a professional service provider boosts the benefits. To identify the most suitable cleaning company, look for a vendor that is reputable, fully equipped and can provide cleaning systems that you may not have readily available. Be sure to ask if you would be limited to a prepackaged service model or if you can request individual services be built into the agreement so the provisions are tailored to your needs.

Why SaniSafe Pro cleaning services are unrivaled

We are a residential and commercial cleaning service with a customized medical grade deep-clean approach that extends beyond primordial cleaning. We specialize in residential disinfection as well as residential, medical-grade and touchless sanitation. Our secret weapon against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes is an environmentally friendly, organic product that aligns with our mission of sustainability while eradicating harmful substances. This is our Durisan® fogging solution.

The patented Durisan® fogging solution is an eco-friendly cleaning system predicated on scientific research. Using this method, bacteria, viruses and germs are destroyed on contact without the use of harsh chemicals. Our cleaning specialists use electrostatic sprayers to apply a unique, water-based broad-spectrum antimicrobial germicidal agent. This mechanical system kills viruses, leaving a protective layer for three to four weeks following the application. We conduct formal team training to ensure our cleaning specialists are skilled in this revolutionary cleaning technique.

Contact our Team Today

SaniSafe Pro is based in Asheville, North Carolina, servicing Asheville, Hendersonville, Buncombe County and Henderson County. If you own or host an Airbnb in the Western North Carolina area and are concerned about vacation rental cleaning, please contact us to learn more about our proprietary Durisan® fogging solution to supplement Airbnb cleaning. We offer a machine demonstration and quote, based on the services you need. As we all adjust to this new normal, perhaps we can offer some peace of mind as well.