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Germs are a part of everyday life that we have to live with. Some of them are helpful, but others are harmful and cause diseases. They can be found everywhere, from in our air, to soil and water. They live on our skin and in our bodies, but also on the surfaces and objects we touch. Sometimes germs can spread to you from your loved ones that make you sick. You could get infected with germs if you touch an object like a T.V remote or phone and then rub your eyes and nose. 

Why We Love Durisan® Fogger

Thursday, 18 February 2021 13:26

Durisan® is a truly unique formula. This cleaning service is a revolutionary, professional service developed and applied by experts in this field. We value this work and its effects in our environment, as well as for the people living in it.

It is also affordable. Many clients are surprised to find out the average cost to clean a commercial-sized area is $200.

There are a lot of reasons to hire a company to clean your business or home. Professional cleaning services are a lot more affordable than you might think. They not only provide professional-grade equipment, tools, and supplies, they also can do a great job tackling even the toughest messes. Whether you are considering a professional cleaning company for your business or residential, here are eight reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service. 

The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

Wednesday, 03 February 2021 10:37

You want your office to stay clean, neat, and organized to maintain productivity as much as possible and ensure that you provide a healthy and enjoyable work environment for employees and great first impressions for new clients or customers. With the recent pandemic, it’s extremely important to clean, disinfect, and sanitize to prevent the spread of coronavirus. To do this, make sure you schedule regular office cleanings. Your employees can tackle the office cleaning, or you can bring in professionals to manage the maintenance tasks. The best way to ensure your office is clean, plan a cleaning schedule and try following this office cleaning checklist. This office cleaning checklist contains all of the parts of your office you should make sure to clean as well as information about how often you should clean areas.