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 Massage Therapy Offices Cleaning, Disinfecting, and SanitizingAs most Massage Therapists know, cleaning your table regularly can help minimize the spread of germs from one client to the next. It’s also important to maintain the condition of the massage table to ensure it lasts for years to come. Here are five steps on how to properly clean and sanitize your massage therapy table to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viral illnesses.

How to Keep Your Massage Therapy Office Safe and Sanitary

  1. Strip Your Table of Unnecessary Items

Remove all reusable items that cannot be cleaned or sanitized between clients, such as table skirts or heating pads, and do not use them during the pandemic. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary items that could be a surface for viruses or bacteria within the establishment. Fabrics that have been in close contact with an individual’s airway for an extended period of time could create germs. 

  1. Use Protective Gear When Removing Linens and Sanitizing

Open any windows or doors and use any air filtration or ventilation sources to bring in fresh, clean air. Wear a facial covering and gloves when removing all bodywork linens and place items in a sealed container for laundering. Items include blankets, sheets, covers, and towels. Facial coverings and gloves will help protect an employee’s skin and airway from chemical sanitizer exposure and provide protection from contaminated linens or surfaces. 

  1. Clean Fabrics Correctly

When cleaning items before redressing the table, be sure to use the hot water setting on the washer and the high heat setting on the dryer. One of the best ways to reduce germs from the laundry is through high heat temperatures. Use a laundry machine’s sanitize setting and bleach with laundry detergent on linens that can be bleached. 

  1. Clean Your Table

Wash the table, and all table accessory surfaces with soap and water, then rinse and dry after removing the linens. Remove any debris from the surface before you disinfect. Disinfection is not effective on a dirty surface; therefore, you must clean the surface first. Wash dry and disinfection any high contact areas that a client has directly breathed, sneezed, or coughed on, such as any bars and handles or the face cradle, face cushion, and top of the table. 

  1. Disinfect Everything

Clean and disinfect all table surfaces, legs, knobs, pegs, handles, bolsters, and remote controls used for table adjustments. Don’t forget to do the same for the face cradle, face cushion, and any accessories in between. Be sure to thoroughly wash and disinfect all surfaces inside, underneath, and around the area.

With some Massage Therapy offices opening as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, maintaining a clean workplace is critical to helping fight the spread of this disease. One way to reduce risk is to leave the cleaning and disinfecting to the professionals. SaniSafe Pro offers extensive levels of cleaning and disinfection for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today for a reliable, professional cleaning from our highly trained cleaning specialists.