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Medical and Doctor Offices Cleaning, Disinfecting, and SanitizingAs the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, many states and communities are debating the safest routines back to reopening businesses. Medical practices need to be especially careful during this time as patients that are infected are more likely to see their doctors. 

The CDC states that “frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people is important.” They have provided a guideline to help the public places open back up and to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, which includes social distancing, hand washing, and constantly cleaning frequently touched surfaces. Because COVID-19 transfers from person to person through respiratory droplets, the most efficient way to sanitize your doctor’s office is by cleansing the air and killing any bacteria and germ that linger behind from patients. One great way to stay sanitary that many medical practices use is fogging with a sterile, sanitizing spray. 

Sterilize Your Surfaces

Disinfectant foggers can be a great assistant in your sanitizing process. As you begin to reopen, fogging machines can help sanitize your medical or doctor’s office after lockdown. Many industries like restaurants, gyms, and government facilities have discovered many benefits with foggers. Fogging your clinic is not only used for detailed oriented sanitizing, but it can also aid in reassuring your customers that your office is safe to visit. With regular cleaning and sanitization practices, having a clinic that your customer will feel confident that it’s sterile may boost your business. Fogging machines can sterilize hard-to-reach places like walls and high places and be used to speed up your cleaning times. 

Spread Out Your Waiting Room

To maintain social distancing standards, spread out waiting room chairs at least six feet apart and spread appointments farther apart to avoid having a crowded room. By doing this, it will help ensure that even when you have multiple patients, everyone can stay a safe distance away from one another. 

Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces

While washing hands with soap and water is a great way to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it’s nearly impossible to avoid touching objects in between washing. By cleaning the surface of items that are touched most often, effectively reduces exposure. 

  • Clean the first point of contact at your office that includes: light switches, handles, and doorknobs.
  • If you have patients fill out paper forms and sign receipts for payments, be sure to wipe down the pen in between uses. Also, disinfect and sanitize touch screen tablets and remotes that patients are frequently using. 
  • As you clean up your waiting room chairs after each guest, be sure to thoroughly wipe down the seats, armrests, and surrounding areas that may have been touched. 
  • Reassure your patients that your office is safe to visit by leaving out personal hygiene stations like disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer at many convenient locations. 

Having a doctor’s office that’s clean and safe for customers can be a lifesaver for their friends and families. Using our industry-leading cleaning techniques and patented Durisan electromagnetic fogger, you can ensure your clinic is safe for reopening. Contact SaniSafe Pro to discover our incredibly affordable cleaning services and how the Durisan fogging machine works.