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Maintaining your religious facility in pristine condition is both imperative and, at times, seemingly impossible. Between communal places of worship, kitchens, bathrooms, public seating, activity centers, stages, common areas, classrooms, kid areas, and high-traffic areas, there is a lot to keep track of.

However, keeping that spotless feeling in all the details can really lend a hand in helping the community feel undistracted and at ease.

Another important aspect to maintaining cleanliness in this environment is to do so without being in the way or distracting your community from fellowship. We’re well aware of the wide variety of activities, events, programs, and classes that need to happen, and happen in a clear atmosphere.

We’re here to help.

SaniSafe Pro is happy to work around your schedule and address your religious facility’s specific needs, as well as treat your space with the respect it deserves.

We can help with regular maintenance that addresses such items as:

  • Trash removal
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Kitchen counter sanitizing
  • Restroom cleaning and restocking
  • And much more

In addition, we address needs that are more event-based that help you prepare for (or recover from) large events.

Through using a touchless technology called Durisan®, we are able to completely sanitize most average sized rooms in under one minute. This remarkable, organically based system continues to self-sanitize for up to 30 days, creating a lasting feeling of cleanliness -- and stretching your budget further.

More, at a glance information about Durisan® includes: 

  • Non-leaching and non-migrating
  • Organically water-based and safe for all water systems
  • Phthalate, paraben, and heavy-metal free
  • Eco-friendly and human friendly antimicrobial solution
  • Bonds with fabric, porous, and non-porous surfaces
  • Kills immediately upon contact with a single application
  • Lasts for up to 30 days creating a self sanitizing environment 
  • Does not need a lengthy curing period (average 1 hour)

This system is surprisingly affordable -- many commercial facilities cost $200 to complete. We’re happy to provide a free, no obligation quote.

We hope to lend a hand to the feeling of thoughtfulness and care that permeates the walls of your religious facility, creating a truly healthy, loving environment for your community.
Please reach out to us to discuss what your problem areas are and how we can solve them through a cohesive plan of action. We’re also available for free demonstrations of how our system works!